Extra care has been taken to specially formulate our paints, giving a smooth free flowing action which in return will give you as little tip dry as possible.

Although our paints are pre tinned, they are predominantly opaque paints. We like to give you the control to achieve the desired transparency.

Within this 8 bottle kit you will find your standard colours Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow and Brown, as well as:

Trans Base: Which is a transparent clear base, to be used to achieve a greater transparency in your colours- Do not use reducer to do this. Experiment with a few drops at a time to achieve your desired effect.

Reducer: Use this to reduce your paint, for greater atomisation. Only use a few drops at a time.

We do not recommend you use this as an airbrush cleaner.

Micmans Solvent airbrush kit


Mixed and extensively tested in our own body shop. We do lots of airbrush work and teach airbrush courses. We’ve never seen the point in offering opaque/semi opaque/transparent in the same colour (rip off comes to mind) All our airbrush paints are Opaque; however the kit also comes with our transparent base.  Add some drops to your mix to achieve a more transparent effect and away you go, therefore you, the painter is in control. Our mix is formulated to prevent tip dry. A fine and well priced kit to rival any of the top names.

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