Monofil, part of the MIPA brand are Europe's leading aerosol manufacturer so you can be sure you are buying a top quality, professional grade product
Supplied in 500ml cans
Monofil SMART+ Primer is a fast drying aerosol acrylic primer filler for the repair/refinish of metallic surfaces. Can also be used as a weld-through primer for spot welding operations. Sprays to give a tough acrylic primer coating. It is compatible for spraying over acrylic and cellulose, but not alkyd as wrinkling may occur. It can be overcoated with cellulose, acrylic, alkyd, P/U-alkyd and epoxy.
SMART+ Expert Aerosol (acrylic Colours) is a fast drying refinishing paint with good protection against weathering and yellowing. This product is suited for quick and easy paint repair. It gives a tough and durable acrylic coating. It is recommended that you use our Smart+ aerosol primer as an undercoat.
Monofil SMART+ 1k Clear Lacquer acrylic aerosol is a fast drying weather and light resistant protective coating for the clear over base coating of metallic basecoats. It provides a tough, long lasting, protective coating and protects the paint from the drop of gloss.
Monofil SMART+ Wheel Silver acrylic spray is a fast drying special paint with good protection against weathering and yellowing for wheel rims and other vehicle parts. It sprays to give a tough durable acrylic coating.

Monofil Smart+ & Vario+ Expert paint Range