This advanced cutting formulation is the quick and easy polishing option for efficiently producing a premium surface finish on both freshly applied and established paintwork. Rather than cover up scratches, Polarshine 15 actually polishes them out before your eyes to leave a first class gleam. It is cost effective, safe and easy to use and even clean up is quicker and simpler thanks to the low splash, silicone-free compound. Polarshine 15 is designed to be used for machine application.

Polarshine 15 Polishing Compound -


A medium compound for removing 1500+ grit sanding scratches. We have probably used every polish there is but this stuff blew us away.  The makers of putting the scratches in is now leading the way on getting them out. We only use 3 types of polish in our work, Coarse, Medium and Fine and all three we sell here. Available in large or small bottles.