Polarshine 35 is a coarse polishing compound developed for demanding Industrial and Marine applications. Polarshine 35 is suitable for materials such as gel coats, high gloss lacquers and composites. This product has a faster and more efficient compound and produces a high surface gloss. By using Polarshine 35 you are able to minimize the sanding steps. This polishing compound has special emulsifying properties, which reduce the risk of drying out or overheating the surface. The viscosity of Polarshine 35 reduces splashing and is easy to use.

Polarshine 35 Polishing Compound


A coarse compound for removing 800+ grit sanding scratches. We have probably used every polish there is but this stuff blew us away.  The makers of putting the scratches in is now leading the way on getting them out. We only use 3 types of polish in our work, Coarse, Medium and Fine and all three we sell here. Available in large or small bottles.